Do you ever get those days when you just feel meh? Everything and everyone is just annoying? Simple tasks are placed in the “too hard basket” and extracting any enthusiasm is like drawing blood out of a stone.

I sometimes have those days and they’re absolutely infuriating because I don’t quite know what to do with myself. Now I know the usual mandate is “go for a walk” “have a bath” “breathe” – but to be honest I’m not going to do any of those things because I’m feeling “meh” and the only thing I can muster is slogging myself around the house feeling sorry for myself.


So… now that we know fresh air is off the cards, what are you going to do?

Give yourself permission to have a bad day

Sorry to say this but you’re not going to wake up everyday singing like Snow White about the joys of nature, as birds calmly land in the palm of your hand. It’s just not going to happen. In fact I’m pretty sure Snow White also had some bad days – poisoned by her step mother, living with 7 men, escaping a huntsman. The point is bad days are normal, so if you’re feeling the symptoms of meh, know it’s ok, you’re allowed.

This too shall pass

Meh days aren’t forever days. (*Although if meh days are becoming the majority of your day to day existence then I suggest talking to your local doctor) Normally meh days will hang around for a few days like the aftermath of a hangover and one day you’ll wake up and feel fine. Just because you’re feeling meh today, doesn’t mean you’ll be meh tomorrow.

Distract yourself with menial tasks

Is there something fairly unimportant you need to do? Does that Ikea storage cupboard need building? Do you need to wash your whites? Throw on some of your favourite feel good music (mine is Taylor Swift probably Shake It Off) and do something fairly menial that doesn’t require headspace.Yes, I know everything is annoying, but you can’t just sit on the couch and turn into pudding unless your activity is sitting on the couch and eating pudding, which if you’re in a meh mood you’re allowed.


Netflix and chill

Speaking of distractions why not let someone else entertain you. Whether it’s Amazon, Netflix, your local broadcaster or a DVD, put on something lighthearted and funny and let someone else help you escape. If you need a giggle recommendation, my latest favourites are Ali Wong Baby Cobra on Netflix and Catastrophe on Amazon.

Facebook won’t help

If you’re looking to feel better or more positive, Facebook is probably not the best place to be hanging out. You don’t need to see your friends new baby, engagement holiday, bikini body, holiday photos or quote of the day. So logout and spend time googling sneezing Pandas instead.

Warn people they may be a victim of your death stare…

It’s really nice that people want to help us feel better, but when we’re in a meh mood, all we want to do is throw a pillow at someones face and hide behind a tub of salted caramel ice cream. So, maybe avoid people or if you live with someone just let them know you’re feeling meh and need some “me time” or call it “meh time” and then follow the above instructions.


It sucks. Feeling meh sucks. It’s okay to have a blah day and feel blah, but remember it’s not forever. Remember beautiful lady, in the not too distant future you will feel better and you’ll bounce back to your normal self where your meh day will be as relevant as the Y2K bug.

*On a serious note

If you are finding you’re having a continued period of meh days, where you don’t want to get out of bed and life is getting too hard, then I beg of you to please speak to a professional like a doctor or psychologist. You’re too important to not be happy, so if you’re finding you’ve hit a really tough period, I deeply ask you to somehow muster the strength to find professional assistance. You deserve smiles, so please take steps to finding help.














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