Restraint is not in my Vocab

30’s, champagne and restraint – how the combo clicks


Oh champagne…… what is not to love?  The pop, the fizz, the bubbles so elegantly rising to the top over, and over again – honestly I could watch them all day.  The flavours, the sensations, Australian Sparkling through to the real Champagne, all take you on an adventure to a time or place of celebration.

My love of champagne was truly cultivated during my years as a recruiter pre-GFC.  Those were the boom years – recruitment is an amazing industry, filled with so many highs (but also lows).  People are unpredictable, so therefore are uncontrollable.  Unlike selling a product, people change beyond your control.   We described it as the ‘champagne and razor blade’ trade.  The highs were high, but the lows….. well they were ugly.

However, the years as a recruiter in agency-land really fostered my love of champagne.  The parties and the conferences, the glitz and the glamour, ball gowns, champion league tables, winning and leading all led to many nights filled with the celebratory drink of choice.  Champagne is dignified, elegant and glamorous …. with a glass in hand, we all feel like we are celebrating, even if it is just celebrating life.


It is the bubbles I love.  I feel like you are being carried away on the bubbles to a place where you are the person you always dreamed.  To me they signify a level of success, sophistication, glamour and fun that any other drink just cannot compete.

I have always admired those who can have two glasses and then call it a night.  Just to clarify, that is NOT me, nor my style.  I am there to the bitter end, unless I am driving.  That is the only way to ensure restraint.  Restraint where champagne is concerned, is just not in my vocabulary.

I thought restraint came with age, but no.  Let me just explain that is not the case.  You might be more measured on more occasions, but every few months, that fun night turns into a mammoth one!  Call it not growing up, call it extending the fun beyond the age you need to act, I don’t know, but seriously at the time it is just so much FUN.  But the morning …uuurrggh L don’t even talk to me about the morning.  However, because of the fact that I, and those around me, know that I have no restraint (oh friends you know me too well where champagne is concerned), I have mastered a number of hangover 101’s.

  1. Drink quality champagne. If I have learnt ANYTHING as a champagne connoisseur, it is to only drink quality. Rubbish = rubbish tomorrow. Stick with at least an element of quality, even if it is slightly more expensive, your body (and your head) will thank you.
  2. Vitamin B or Liver tablets need to be stocked in your cupboard. You must take these before bed and in the morning.
  3. If you can get your hands on the amazing vitamin NAC this is also a miracle hangover recovery and a must have in a champagne-lover’s cupboard. These should also be packed for any overseas holidays (you don’t want a day ruined by a hangover)
  4. Salt & Vinegar Crisps – I don’t even like these, but with a hangover comes remorse, and these little morsels help with it all.
  5. Exercise….if you can push through a workout or a run the morning after, the recovery is so much the better.
  6. And worse case scenario, just one more glass. It is tough, I agree, but it is for the greater good.

I’m not sure how to learn restraint – I am challenged and puzzled by it.  You would think by 35 you would have some.  For me, I think the fun factor is just inbuilt where champagne is concerned, and one glass is just never going to be enough.

Are there others out there without restraint where champagne is concerned?  Please tell me I’m not alone??   Well fine, if its just me, that’s ok.  You will find me in the corner with a bottle of my favourite of the moment Larmandier-Bernier Longitude.

Written by the fabulous Tanya Dunbabin

Tanya Dunbabin - head shot (1)
Tanya Dunbabin

Lover of champagne and all things ‘domestic goddess’ – Tanya is a supporter of chasing your dreams and doing what makes YOU happy!  At 35, Tanya is embracing life and is ticking off her bucket list beginning with her Champagne Blog. 

You can follow Tanya and her champagne adventures on Instagram and LinkedIn


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