5 tips for busy women to get it all done​

I’m busy – in fact these last few weeks I’ve been so super crazy busy that “me time” is seeming like a luxury only available for royalty. Nevertheless, sometimes us super-achieving multi-tasking ladies like to take on the world and then some… because, well. why not right?

Lucky for me, this insane busy period won’t last forever but whilst I’m in the middle of Hecticville I feel like I need juggling skills equivalent to those needed to join Cirque De Soleil…


Anyway, you get the idea and since I’m on a deadline, I’ll get to the point…

5 quick tips to help you get it all done.

Tip 1: Say NO

Your time is precious and when you’re busy it’s even more sacred. Whilst somehow being busy seems to magentise the world to capture your attention it’s up to you to command your time and one of the best ways to do that is by saying NO!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 20.12.38

NO is not negotiable. No really does mean NO! If someone asks you to take on more than you can do when you’re busy, practice elegantly declining with a “no”. I know we’re trained to be ninjas when it comes to altering Atime but when you’re working at capacity you can’t summon more than what you have. I know us ladies have a habit of eating into precious necessities of our life (sleep, breathing, mental sanity) but now that we’re in our thirties we have to give that up!  We have to put our needs first.  Learn to adopt “no” in your life so that you can do “yes” better.

Tip 2: Delegate

I know you promised you bestie you’d pick up that (insert random thing) for (insert random event) because (insert excuse) but guess what – you don’t have the time. If you’re super busy sometimes a 10-minute detour can make a big difference to your day. Learn to pass on the load. Ask for help. Do you need to do it all – probably not? Friends and colleagues won’t mind getting involved if you ask them nicely – I’m sure you’ve done that for others right? Sometimes you have to pass on the task and accept that even you have limitations. As far as I know, no one gets a prize for doing it all… Delegate… it’s okay… I’m sure someday when you have a free moment you’ll do it for someone else.

Tip 3: Brain dump

This is one of my favourite things to do. I have a list of every crazy thing that comes into my head that I have to do. Instead of letting it swim inside my mind clogging up my mental headspace, I write it down on a piece of paper so I don’t have to think about it. When you’re time poor you have to be super focused and remembering to book that reservation for that family event in 6 weeks time doesn’t need to occupying your mind. Throw it down on a piece of paper – you’ll get back to it eventually when you have a spare moment…

I always complete everything I write down on my brain dump but I look at it when I have clarity of mind. The reality is,  when I’m on a deadline, some things needs to stay on hold a little bit longer… which segways nicely into my next tip…

Tip 4: Prioritise

What’s a today problem, a tomorrow problem, a next week problem and a someday problem? Not everything on your to-do list MUST be done right now.  Ask yourself honestly what can be delayed and prioritise your essential needs first. One way to do that is to look at your to-do list and number the order in which you need to complete each task. This will help you to manage your time efficiently.


TIP 5: Be efficient and creative

Guess where I started writing this blog post? On the tube, on my commute home…


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 20.37.48
Evidence of Tube Blogging


I’m flying out tomorrow, launching a global project, speaking at a conference, delivering another campaign and going away on holiday this weekend. It’s a busy week.  Since I commit to blogging every Tuesday I make my deadline not negotiable – so I have to be creative. On my way home today, I pulled out my laptop and started typing… and that’s how I was able to be efficient (creatively). Lucky (sometimes unluckily) phones have given us the freedom to live our lives a little bit more on the run. See if you can find some “gaps” in your day to use… Again, this may not be an ideal way to live life

Lucky (sometimes unluckily) phones have given us the freedom to live our lives a little bit more on the run. If you schedule is nuts, look to see if you can find some “gaps” in your day to use… Again, this may not be an ideal way to live life every day but for the occasional superwoman moment when you have to maximise minimal time, out of the box thinking may help you to get everything done…

Anyway, I have to run, but I hope this blog helps you get slightly ahead of the game when it comes to time management… if anything at least you know you’re not alone…

Good luck x

Written by Danielle Lauren


Danielle Lauren


Danielle Lauren has been working in the Entertainment Industry for over 17 years. Her love of storytelling has passionately driven her to a successful career with global credentials. She has directed ‘The Vagina Monologues’ at The Sydney Opera House, ran MTV Australia / New Zealand as their sole Executive Producer, mobilised 30,000 filmmakers internationally to film their lives simultaneously for a feature film called the 11Eleven Project and currently works on digital projects for Google, Microsoft, Sky, Sony, BBC and MTV UK. Passionate about making the world a better place for all people Danielle has also worked with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, WWF, UNHCR, NSW Rape Crisis Centre, WIZO and the Aids Council. Danielle currently sits on the Royal Television Society’s futures committee, helping young people build fledging careers in the UK TV Industry. A global citizen Danielle was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia, lived in America, France and now resides in the United Kingdom.

You can follow Danielle Lauren on Twitter, LinkedIn  or Instagram 

You can email Danielle – editor@owning30.com 


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