A career in happiness!

Are they crazy?

That’s what I wondered when, early in my corporate career, a mentor or go-getting peer would leave their enviable position to take what seemed like a big step backwards.

One of my managers resigned, packed his life into a coffee van and hit the highway. Another upped-stumps, moved south and bought a bookshop. My sister, once general counsel for a national media company, left to study naturopathy. My best friend, once a newspaper editor, closed her office door, moved countries and unrolled a yoga teacher’s mat.

Why? I was mystified.

Then it happened to me!


In my 20s, I scored a job with a powerful corporation. I was fresh out of uni, inexperienced, full of energy and ready to work hard. I was going to ‘make it’ – just try to stop me!

In these years, my mentors were pure gold, but, every now and again, one would just … leave. I don’t mean they retired or got head-hunted – something in them changed.

The inner drive that had pushed them up the corporate ladder, now pulled them to step off it. They’d realised what they’d thought was ambition, was actually enthusiasm. The difference: ambition competes; enthusiasm grows.

Something stirring

Months beforehand, you could see it come on them by degree. They were calmer around the office. They smiled more. Their confidence remained, but changed from imposing to inclusive.

After the good-bye parties, me and people like me stepped up into their positions. We kept in touch, of course.

I would be working late and – ping! – an email would arrive. I’d sit there and read how my old mentor had just started their own business, or sold their house, or just surfed a deserted beach, or had planned the next month of their sabbatical.

Within each of them, corporate success had built the strength of character they needed to pursue their own happiness and purpose – no regrets, no targets, no power suits…

I was in awe.

Then it happened to me.

 Perhaps you too!

If you read my blog last month, you know other factors helped “push” me off the ladder. Maybe, you feel something pushing or pulling you in a new direction too.

If so, congratulations! You’re finding your life.

Maybe it’s something about being in your 30s. You realise you’re an adult. You realise THIS is the big show. You’re at the height of your energy. You’ve been around the traps. You’ve got a clue.

This is your time.

So as cliché as it sounds… chase your dreams & find your true career happiness, It may surprise you where you find it!



Sharney Ryan

When she’s not traipsing the world, when she’s not busy with her baby girl, when she’s not catching up with friends and family, that’s when Sharney Ryan finds the time to run three 3 thriving businesses: Mash Media, Link Marketing and Pure Ignite.

Endlessly upbeat and always upfront, she lives, breathes, eats and drinks marketing. After studying Marketing at Curtain University and Business Management at Harvard Business School, Sharney learned the real secrets of success through surviving repeated hard knocks. Turns out those secrets really aren’t all that secret:

  1. Family and friends can get you through anything.
  2. Believe in yourself and then get to work.

Following those two rules has helped her find the courage to become an entrepreneur in Sydney, Australia, and to get that magically work life balance.

It’s fair to say she’s one of those people who truly lives and truly gives. Each month you’ll learn a little more about why with Sharney “what you see is what you get”

Get to know Sharney on LinkedIn or Facebook




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