A decade of firsts

This is my first blog, ever. I’ve never been a particularly natural social media ‘updater’ – a Facebook post every few months, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram set up purely for my business last year, and don’t even ask about Snapchat as I never bothered to figure that one out. It got me thinking, if this is my first blog and I am in my thirties, what other firsts have I achieved in this new chapter of my life?

Emma Simons


“Let’s get the superficiality out of the way”

There’s no denying as my mid thirties are creeping in, I’m starting to notice the early cracks and punctures. Increasing spider web eye wrinkles (as my grandmother calls them) glistening greys around my temples and worst of all, pathetically thinning eyebrows. How I used to laugh at my mother’s Groucho Marx Sundays, when she would walk around the house with thick, congealed black brow dye. Alas, now I have taken the baton every Sunday evening, making my dog jump and growl as I walk into the room with 2 black slugs for the allotted 10 minutes dyeing time. Well no more, I have decided to take the plunge and opt for semi permanent makeup, my first foray into the world of aesthetic improvement.


Last week I had a consultation with a very expensive, celebrity endorsed permanent makeup salon. As I sat in the waiting room looking at video slides of happy customers (essentially just the entire cast of TOWIE) my mind raced – will this harmless act lead to a voracious appetite for the murky world of plastic enhancement? Yes it may start with a simple temporary tattoo, but will this progress to a ‘lunchtime facelift’, full blown tummy tuck, Lolo Ferrari boob implants?? Which brings me to the question many of us 30 something girls are pondering – when is the right time to start the next level of maintenance?

According to that fountain of unshakable factual reliability The Daily Mail Online, aged 30-40 we should only be considering light Botox or lip filler

However, aged 40+ it’s a free for all, with eye bag surgery, facelifts, breast uplift, full body liposuction and laser skin resurfacing highly recommended before “it’s already too late” according to scare mongering surgeon Alex Karidis.


So the conclusion I have settled on is to take the risk and go ahead with the brow enhancement. My twenties may have been the most youthful and physically attractive decade (I’ll leave that for you to decide), but it was riddled with insecurities and a general lack of direction in both career and relationships. Now in my thirties, I have never felt so confident about my abilities and place in this world. With age truly does come wisdom, and for the looks, well there’s always Dr Alex.…

Stay posted for the next chapter of ‘A Decade of Firsts’


I cannot end without mentioning the unprecedented times we are living in. Brexit has been a divider, rather than uniter, amongst my friends and family. I am proud to have voted IN, and believe much of my generation concurred with 62% of 25-34’s and 52% of 35-44’s** Voting to Remain. I am so sad for my 30 something European friends who have built a life in the UK, developed a good career and had a family. Whilst it seems like their Visas will be upheld many feel unwelcome in the country they call home. We can only hope an exit resolution is agreed upon sooner rather than later, so both British and European citizens can continue to make the best of life and plan for the future.

**(Lord Ashcroft Polls of 12,369 referendum voters)

Written by Emma Simons

Emma Simons

Born and bred Londoner Emma has been in Media since university. Working up from Runner slash Starbucks lacky, to Researcher slash Producer’s lacky and finally up to Producer slash Executive Producer’s lacky – the cycle never ends…She specialised in Kid’s and Celebrity Chef shows (both requiring the same parenting skills for naughty on-set behaviour). Emma started her own company in 2014 Nox Entertainment offering bespoke music and production services to venues and private clients.

A passionate animal lover, Emma volunteers with charity All Dogs Matter, and takes her poodle on hospital visits as part of the Pets As Therapy scheme. She is an ardent traveller, with number one on the bucket list to visit every country in the world.  Also a wannabe foodie as much as food allergies will allow – regrettably gluten, dairy and soya free. She is always on the hunt for that mecca of a food establishment a) do they allow dogs b) can they give me a delicious meal cutting out most major food groups c) if a and b are a go, I’m yours for life.

You can follow Emma on Facebook or her business Nox Entertainment on their website , Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist of YouTube

[Please note Owning 30 does not endorse any specific form of body augmentation. We think all women are beautiful and we accept and love them as they are. That said, we also believe each  woman has the right to change her body to her choosing as long as she does not harm herself in the process. Ultimately we want all women to feel confident in themselves with or without external alterations.]


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