5 tips to get this ‘body’ started

Ready to get fit again but don’t know how to get started?  Personal Trainer Anna Jayne from Lady Jayne PT shares with us some basic tips to get us kickstarted to a healthier self.

PS: No fad diets/ exercises here


5 tips to get this ‘body’ started by

Anna Jayne


Your why will be the thing that motivates you. Especially on those crapy, rainy, cold days.

I try to focus on the 3 Ps

Powerful – this is your driving force.  Think about how you want your body to feel: stronger, calmer, lighter, happier write it down

Positive – think of words that create positive feeling. Rather than saying I want to ‘loose’ 5kg. Or I want to ‘drop’ a dress size. (Loosing or dropping makes us feel we need to gain it back. It’s a negative trying to be a positive.)

Instead maybe think I want to ‘create’ a healthy pattern of movement for my body OR I want to ‘improve’ my body shape to provide effective technique to my bodies movement.

Personal – what does this mean to you? Short term and long term.

It’s not about what other people see when they look at you.

Who cares.

What matters is what you see when you look at you. And I’m not talking about the reflection in the mirror. This has nothing to do with shape or size.

And everything to do with ‘will power.’

If you will it. Soon you will feel it.

And eventually you will see it


Be realistic with the start to your journey.

Don’t kid yourself about the amount of ‘time’ and ‘effort’ you can devote to this.


Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 12.07.43

We all have dreams. Now take your dream and turn it into an achievable goal.

(Putting your WHY? Into motion)

Nobody needs to spend 6 days a week at the gym. Or 3hrs training.

I have a life!!!

Ask yourself (and be honest)

What can I commit to and stick to?

That is your starting point

Write it down!


The simple truth is. If you don’t make it fun. It won’t last.

Yep. Those ‘crazy’ people doing hill sprints at 5am or balancing on 1 foot in a Hot yoga studio dripping with sweat.

They are having FUN.

To them it is their happy place.

It still hurts, might feel uncomfortable. But to them it’s just part of their WHY.

There is soooo much diversity in the health and fitness industry these days.

Try everything. Take advantage of their Free 1 day trials/guest passes


30 days for £30 offers.

Find the things that resonate with you.

Find your fun!





We’ve all heard this one

‘Put 50% effort in and get 50% of the result’

I know I know it’s a cheesy quote but…


The more you commit.

The longer you commit.

The more you earn.

It truly is that simple.

No one can commit for you.

This is 100% your responsibility.

Which also makes it the hardest one.

‘LIFE’ always seems to get in the way.

Perhaps the time has come for us to priorities  what our body actually needs.

Just a thought….



Yep. So technically it’s only 4 tips.


Your ‘why’ is everything

Without a reason why. It quickly turns into what’s the point? And you give up.

To say

‘I go to the gym because I should’

Isn’t good enough anymore.

Aren’t you worth more than that?

Why should we bother moving our bodies???

For me. Movement effects everything I do.

My mood, my energy, my mind, my health.

So if I’m going to move. I want to do everything I can to move effectively. So I can do this for as long as my life allows.

The more I move the greater the effect on my body.

So go on.

Find your why.



Anna Jayne

Australian Anna Jayne is 33 and has been working within the fitness world for almost 13 years.  Since moving to London, Anna has balanced her time between personal training as Lady Jayne PT and teaching Les Mills group fitness classes. Fundamentally against fad diets and short term fitness promises, Anna believes in a sustainable attitude towards health called the ‘movement effect’ – a principle based on  allowing your body to have its greatest mobility for  the rest of your life. More than anything Anna just wants you to be happy and healthy.

You can contact Anna at Info@ladyjaynept.com

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